What is Charmed Hope is All About?

Inspired by years of volunteering with shelters in Washington, Charmed Hope was founded as a stylish way to spread awareness of animals in need and motivating others to do the same. While volunteering for shelters I’ve done everything from scooping kitty litter to creating marketing material to board president to four-time failed foster. I understand from all angles the need each shelter has for donations as well as the thread of a budget most rely on. My hope is to make a difference for those shelters and volunteers out there working hard for animals in need.

The ultimate goal for Charmed Hope is to spread awareness of the wonderful good each of us can do for shelter animals. That happiness through adopting an animal from a shelter is far more rewarding than purchasing a pet from a pet store or breeder. With thousands of animals euthanized each day due to pet over-population, Charmed Hope is a way to put adoption in the spotlight.

Interesting in Making a Difference for Animals in Need?

If you have experience working with animal rescues or shelters you just may have what it takes to be a Sales Associate with Charmed Hope.

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